Just as the wind directs the sea,

My father directs me.

For so long, he went unnoticed

Yet he stayed so devoted.

Never did he waver

In being a lifesaver

And even if I act brash

He was there in a flash

To fend off the flames

From the maternal dragon, oh the names.

To him, I owe everything

But even then, for all I bring

He turns it down and tells me,

“Son, all I give you is for free.

All I ask is that you stay a good man

For the whole of your lifespan.

Times will be hard, as they have in the past

But I know for sure, you’ll be the one to outlast.

I love you son, more than you know.”

And while that may be true, I will not let go

Of the idea that he was a knight

Clad in armor so bright,

That when shone on the darkness of my heart

All of my sadness was simply torn apart.

It is because of him, that I can continue

Through life and it’s issue.

For all of that, I say something that isn’t new,

Dad, thank you and I love you.

This poem is about: 
My family
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