They smile

Well-meaning intentions

But how it hurts

Your brow furrows

You frown

At the impudence

You speak as if

You know me well

But knowing me

As a child

Does not mean

You know me now

Scatter the arrogant

Fling away the pride

You know nothing 

At all

About how I cried

Nothing about

The way I fell

The way I died

So long ago

I was reborn

With strength

And a cautious heart

I have no time

To play this game

Which for you

Might seem hard

Precious soul

Allow me not

To strike out

Stay away

If this is what

You give now

I have no patience

For those who presume

Nor is there

Much kindness left

I'll run out soon

I am sorry to say

It may be too late

For you to try

It will be difficult

To win back the years

That have already gone by

Patience is key

Strip off the ignorance

You're too blind to see

Change out of the old

Put on a new skin

Because I won't be sold

You might not be ready

To look at me clearly

You might be unprepared

To accept what you see

I warn you now

That if you're hesitant

Even the slightest

You might as well leave

Don't bother trying

Because hesitance

Is enough to know

That you would've left


Enough to know

You would've lashed out

I would get a new scar

To carry around as proof

That I was different

That I wasn't the same

And for that I got hit

For being true to my name. 

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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