The unscrambled "Pear"


I was 7 at the time 
When I endured
That horrible crime.
I was only in 2nd grade 
When you did this to me...
I was just a child
Wanting to have a dream. 
That dream is ruined now
And will never come back to me.
I can never come to the 
Realization that this 
Happened to me...
Why was I the one?
Why didn't you just set me free?
Why oh why was it me?
I would have rather 
been hung from a tree...
The pain and agony 
Always comes back.
I wish it could just go away. 
I wish I could change that day. 
I wish you would see, 
See what you did to me...
Am I a bad person?
Or was I in the wrong place 
At the wrong time?
Oh God please help.
I do not know how to cope with 
All these feelings rushing into me...
I cried endless nights
Till I could cry no more. 
I never left the house. 
I never talked.
I couldn't even 
Look at myself in the mirror.
The corner was 
my best friend in the end...
Hope came when 
I realized life could go on.  
I will help others like me 
To help set them free. 
I will reach my dream 
So I can be the example for other children like me...


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