There are many things in my life that are left unsaid, unfinished

It might not seem like it, but i try

I might not show it, but i love you

Though my path seems broken, i will mend it

My future seems cloudy, but one day it will be clear

Many bridges have been broken but i'm putting them back together

I have hurt you, broken what we had but we can mend it together

I've heard you cry yourself to sleep for many nights, those tears will end

I know we've fallen apart but one day we'll be back together

You are in a better place now, the pain is gone

I know i've done you wrong but i want to make it right

We've had many differences in our lives but we're still the same

We have been through so much, we'll go through much more

We've stood by each others side when everything seemed lost

I've protected you from from anything and everything, yet you've pushed me away

I tried so hard to make you happy but nothing worked

It's never enough for you, you always wanted more

Now we're apart and you don't seem to care

One day we'll hug and forget about the past

One day we will cry in each others arms and apologize

Someday i'm going to mend all that was broken, all that was hurt

Someday i'm going to put water on all the bridges i've burned

Someday everything that was left unsaid will be said

Someday....i'm just waiting fo that moment







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