Unrequited, Unvoiced


An orb of light

Shrouded in a mist of darkness

How it calls to me

But the mist is too thick


I reach out for it

The darkness hurts my hands

It hurts my wrists

It hurts my heart

But when I catch a glimpse of the light within

The pain becomes rewarding


I yearn for the light

I reach out for it once more

My hand gets caught in the mist

It hurts my hands

It hurts my wrists

It hurts my heart

But there is no light this time


I can not pull my hand out

My heart is aching too much

The pain begets hopelessness

And it rules my mind

The orb moves away from me

Leaving me void of hope

But it still beckons me


This time the orb comes to me

The darkness is gone

I hold it

Everything changes

There is hope

I shed tears of happiness

I never want to let go


I depend on the orb


The orb slips out of my hands

I am back where I began

But knowing of the happiness I do not possess

My tears are not happy anymore

Everything hurts


I look at the orb

It's white and pure

I can feel the dark mist

It envelops me now

There is no escape


The orb calls me

But I can not taint it

I shall not taint it

With the darkness I have become

My legs are stone

I stand and cry

As the light shines on me from afar


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