Unrequited Love

Once upon a time she laughed at the way his hair lie

looking into his everlasting chromatic eyes

but little did she know

her joyous love would last only a short time

for stress and poverty bombarded his heart

making the love he once had for her

a thing that lived in the dark 

she stuck with him

even when he struck her

the inflicted pain couldn't compare

to being an alone old woman

she wouldn't dare

for her curls didn't fall the same way

and her face sunk down

while her deep brown hair turned a brash shade of grey

she suddenly felt sad

and she looked away

once upon a time

she awoke to a deafening silence

something wasn't right

her and her husband had not had a fight

she saw him lying on the floor

his neck twisted an awful turn

for her husband had been hanging from the bedroom door

her throat burned

her heart churned

she viewed the dead man

and walked away

looked in the mirror to see

her hair was not so grey

and her face sprung up jsut a little

from her husband's death

her once unhappy heart

had been put to rest

as her husband was being driven away

she crept a smile

for the rest of her life

she felt as happy as a bride walking down the aisle



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