Who is that in the mirror?

The one staring back at me

Her eyes look familiar

Her face foreign

What is that pain?

She has a bruise on her arm

Where he grabbed her too hard

What is this girl doing?

How did she let it get this far?

Oh, but he says he’s sorry

And she’ll forgive him again

I know, it’s the same old story

Because I live in her skin

I felt the pain, the blood

As it oozed from my lip

I wanted to say that it’s over

But he’s a drug she just can’t quit

He beats her when she does wrong

And I cry out in pain

But he says he loves her

And she’ll go back to him again

Oh, broken angel

How could you let him treat you this way?

You deserve so much more

Than to have bruises and blood on your face

But he says he loves me…


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