Thu, 11/05/2015 - 17:44 -- sanao

I am the kid who sits alone
Not because I have to but I want to
I watch people with their friends talking
And gossiping about who likes who
And laughing at the jokes each of them make
While I sit and watch
I wonder how it would be like
To be like them
Have people who want to talk to you
who want your input
who hold onto your words like you’re their favorite movie
But then I remember I chose this life for myself
I knew it would be hard
something that people will break down and fall into an endless tunnel if they were me
I didn't want to be them because I wasn't intrigued by the words they offered
Their word and actions were only a mirror of their friends
I want to be different.
I want to be the girl that no one knows and don't remembers but know is there
The girl that no one can read because I am written in Anglo-Norman
I am that girl that speaks but no one cares to listen
I am the girl that you see often but are afraid of saying hello
You friends don't understand my being and you have no judgment off your own
And don't I get mad
I hold onto your words
I laugh at your jokes
But I do it all while sitting alone

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