Why are there so many student walking around, unnoticed?

They come from so many different backgrounds.

Maybe they're are just shy. Don’t ask why.

Maybe they don’t have money. Grew up broke, have to work for all they have.

Maybe they’re in pain.  Wishing someone knew their name.

Maybe you see them as trouble, but really they are just hoping they don’t have to go home.

Do you ever stop to think just who they are inside?

Beyond the grade,

Beyond the group they hang out with?

Do you think of the student behind the paper?

Or do you just judge them?

Put a nice little label on them that make it easier to sleep at night,

Is it easier to just forget?

Is it simple to not fight for them?

Even though you know that they are dying for someone to just try,

Is it easy to just sweep them under the rug?

Just go on with your day and say,

They were beyond help.

Because how can you help the ones that go unnoticed?


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