Unnecessary violence

 Has anyone noticed our world today?

A world where violence is on the rampage,

And the news portrays death day after day.

There was a death in Ferguson.

An officer caused that death. 

And now violence has followed that death of one.

And I know that death was wrong,

I know that pain was caused,

But is it enough to justify the response of a throng?

I don't know for sure what is happening there,

You don't know for sure what is happening either,

All we know is what the media is choosing to share.

But Media is biased, it says what it wants you to hear.

Media is one-sided and there is media on both sides of this story.

But the Media that is winning is the one that is promoting fear.

The one that is saying that this is all the police's fault.

That is ignoring the looting and the unpeaceful protests,

In order to rub the police's wound with salt.

Maybe the police are acting more violently than they should.

But so are the people who are saying the police had no reason, before its been proven.

They say that the police couldn't have had reason to shoot, but he could.

We weren't there and we don't know what happened.

What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Why is everone jumping on the viloent bandwagon?

And even if he had no reason to shoot,

Its up to the authorities to deal with it and investigate,

And all the violence we cause is moot. 

Even the family of the boy who was killed,

wants to end the violence now,

And stop this media hype that is so skilled.

The world is bloody, and dark, and violent already.

So lets no keep adding to the hate and pain so steadiy. 






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