Unnecessary Judgement

I don’t understand why it matters.

Placing people in selective boxes,

Boxes labeled by what they look like,

But not who they are as a person.

I don’t understand why these petty words

Are being thrown around like fists

Just because of someone’s race,

Someone’s religion.

What will they do to you?

Do you spend your nights wallowing

In suspicious thoughts?

Why can’t you question the hatred around you?

I simply don’t understand

Why looking at someone’s skin color,

Hijab, Niqab, or any other,

Seems so estranged.

Why do we pass along unnecessary judgment?

Why do we end up  telling our kids to be careful around their teacher

Because of the box they were placed in?

Why do we teach an  innocent to hate so early, to change so young?

This unnecessary judgment,

Clouding eyes with wary ire,

Darkening our vision towards a better place.

I only hope my hopes aren’t wishful thinking.

Maybe one day,

hopefully soon,

The people will

Be free from the

Box. One day.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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