(Unnamed Poem)

Mon, 07/01/2013 - 14:54 -- jxyooj

(I am unsure of what to name this poem, so if you could suggest any ideas I would appreciate it! I was suggested the name to be "You're a Lifesaver," but I don't know if I can really consider myself one)



In danger of Communist aggression, my ancestors fought in ‘Nam.

All I could ever imagine is hearing those bombs!

Deprived of our historical times, wives, and lives,

We came to America searching for an opportunity.

The constant suffering is more than the pain of a thousand knives.

Forced to escape our homes to the “home of the free.”


Everyday my parents were looking for a job,

Got through it because they believed in God.

Itinerancy runs through the family,

Dad caught cheating and so he left my family and me.


Success comes from the greatest struggles,

I used to have a toy I’d always snuggle.

It’s up to my single mother and I to raise my six siblings under Welfare.

Hardly anyone knows what it’s like to be me.

Hard for me to tell if anyone cares.

I decided to live life and let the world catch up to me.


Life wasn’t ever easy,

And I know it never will be.

Always trying to help my family and friends.

Respectfully, dutifully, responsibly, and loyally I stand by them.


I haven’t donated blood, but my friends tell me, “You’re a life-saver.”

Bullies and ignoramuses are only my haters.

My family and mentors always believe in my success,

My struggles, my huddles, I vow to become my best!

You can’t get up unless you fall.

We were left by a man named Paul,

Dear Mama, you were always there when I called.


Those tears were very clear,

You always made us astray from cigs and beer.

And although either one of us weren’t always nice,

No one was to blame cuz’ everyone paid the price.

I understand the pain and broken heart overwhelmed you.

You were there to save your eight kids and pull them through,

We did what we needed to do—pull through.


Reminiscing on all the drama,

I could always depend on my mama.

There’s no way I could pay her back,

That’s why I’m making her proud with trophies and plaques.

It must have been hard raising a man,

And my plan is to show her I entirely understand.

That’s why every day I try the best I can.



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