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I llive my life wearing a mask.

I have for years.

I wear it because without it

The world would see my fears.


I put on a strong face

I say nothing can hurt me.

But that is so far from true.

From this mask I cannot get free.


Without it, I don't know who to be.

Unmasked--its scary.

But living a life of hiding, of not being me,

That is far more scary.


Be brave my darling,

Let your hair down.

Rip off that mask

Show your face around.


No more masks,

No more hiding.

Live free and unashamed.

The masks do not make life better,

They only keep you chained.


So take off that mask,

It will never make you happy.

Live your life as you

And I'll live mine as me.


Dig deep down in your soul,

Find out you you are.

And be that person, living free.

That person will take you far.




Hey great poem. I'm trying to post one myself. Can you explain how to insert the space breaks between each stanza?


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