Unlikely Love

Once upon a time, Princess Dove lived a life of royalty. Once upon a time, Queen Cinderella and King Charming protected their little princess. Once upon a time, Captain Hook left the Jolly Roger. Once upon a time, An unexpected love began. This isn't the life for me,Dove's thoughts plagued even her dreams. And once upon a time,She sought for something different. Vengeance isn't the way to go,Hook couldn't find a new reason to go on. But once upon a time,He looked for a new one. Once upon a time,A princess ran from her castle. Once upon a time, A pirate wandered a foreign land. Both were taken in by lovely families,Both in the same small town,Just outside the kingdom-Not far from the princess's worrying parents. Once upon a time,The two did anything for the familiesOut of gratitude and appreciation-It meant more than they could express. The families who knew the identityOf neither pirate nor princess. Once upon a time,The two met at a well. And once upon a time,The two began to talk. The meetings became daily, The fondness became stronger. Strangers became friends,And friends became closer. A true love sprouted,So lovely and sweet,And soon the two traveled back,To see the King and Queen. Once upon a time,The princess got her true love. And once upon a time,The villain got his happy ending.

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