Unleashed (Edited)

Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are Marche and what makes you think anybody gives a damn about what you have to say?
Well I don't know what anybody's think when I start to speak, but my confirmation to know that they understand me isn't something that I seek.
And I'm not looking for some sympathy or praying for your empathy cause I know once I turn my back you'll start sticking your knives into me!
So what's the point of opening my mouth if I might just be wasting my breath I mean, people can't break me down any further or think of me any less.
That's honestly my fault cause I trusted the wrong people and told them stuff that they didn't need to hear and the consequence was within being paranoid and stuck in fear. 
Who said this? Who believed that? Who did this? You told me don't lack! But I turned my back and let my enemies attack.
I'm steady digging my own grave and burying my thoughts inside of it but being pushed around and stepped on is getting old and I'm tired of it. 
People think they can approach me and say whatever they want to say they steady wanna play talking down about Marche but I've finally had enough and it all ends today!
I've been taking everybody's B.S for far too long and I've been doing my best to keep my mental strong but I'm moving to the left cause doing right is just wrong.
I've heard it all about me so what else do y'all got! My name so damn sweet that it stay in ya nasty mouth now ya teeth starting to rot. 
A dog is known to show its teeth before it bites so I think twice when a b*tch smiles in face steady trying to read my  mind trick give me back my space. 
I've heard new stuff about my life coming from girls I ain't known for a hour so I'm seeking out that top trick that got that "fake it to make it" power.
But whatever you got to say about me I've probably heard worse. I'm so immune to pain that if you tried your best to kill me it probably wouldn't even hurt.
I've been called a thot, a dyke, a snitch, and a slut, but it takes one to know one..... Now everybody got their mouth shut! 
I know I've made a few mistakes and messed up here and there but trying to make my blemishes permanent judgments really ain't fair.
Half of you girls steady trying to judge me with an orphanage in ya stomach and kids filling in your cavities, I swear to god the only way you wouldn't be on your knees is if this earth had no gravity.
Steady sipping syrup and popping your body for random dudes at parties and if he knock ya little butt up the only thing he'll say to you is "I'm sorry"
But I'm tired of talking about females and disgust now I'm on broke boys getting burned by lust.
Yeah wassup I'm on that with y'all and the masses taking pics with empty clips when y'all know that mess is plastic.
Standing on a corner trying to sell dope that don't smell right, talking about you got bands but ain't got a pot to piss in at night. 
Then you trying to step to me spitting some weak bad game, but the dude that just walked away just tried to do the same.
So what you got to offer? You got money out your pockets and you big below the belt but it probably wouldn't measure up to what I then felt so play your cards again when a new hand has been dealt. 
My sarcasms cum quick so you won't please me you'll bore me! My body will be a booing audience cause you don't know how to perform for me.
I know the quickest way to hurt a boy  pride so it's an automatic "screw you" when you tell my little buy to slide.
You looking for a dumb trick one with no common sense that jumps for your offense so easy to suck and score cause she ain't nothing but ratchet nonsense!
"Well Marche, what about you and all the stuff you then did you steady trying to aim at people but now the gun is pointed at your head!"
I know what I've done, I mean I never said I was perfect! Half of y'all only know stuff about me cause you always  lurking! 
When she tweet this who she tweet it too who she finna see, what they bout to do?
The difference between me and you is, I don't post everything on Instagram and if I know I'm bout to do something, I make sure ain't no hidden cam cause once yo but get put out there you can't say nothing but "Damn"
Silly little thot you still want to step to me, still want to mess with me! But I see right through your jealousy cause I'm what you wish to be pretend to be ,that's why you secretly love me but try your best to hate me.
You can't copy my ambition or even reach my throne, you need a squad to have your back but I stand strongest on my own.
I've heard so many lies about me that mother goose is starting to seem real. Y'all eat the mess so fast as if it's ya last meal.
I've been blinded by so much evil that my reality I can't see! Now my sub-conscience is scared of my conscience and my conscience is scared of me!
I'm done being controlled and letting everybody get to me and if I trusted you in the past that's the past and you're dead to me.
I've unleashed a new side of me and I'm coming back with a vengeance and if you got something to say I hope you choke on your opinion!


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