Unleash Your Mind


A cage that houses the great unknown, filled with such vivid creations

He longs for someone to see beyond the veil and unveil his hidden machinations

This is no simple reconstruction, no metaphor or allegory

This is simply a boy. This is simply his story


He exists in a world he can't explain

He smiles and laughs along

But he hides his true pain


He feels alone and ignored, cheated and distraught

He occasionally speaks out, but not a lot


The venomous curse of "what ifs" bind his actions to one place

You realize he is suffering a great deal

But not by his face


This lone wanderer keeps moving forward, never looking back

He dare not glance at the joys he'll never have or the companion he lacks


But there are days devoid of the dark storm

He recalls dancing under the moonlight with his maiden

Her face filled with joy, their hands intertwined, so warm


Eyes brimming with beauty untold, two pools of sapphire

Their reflection filled with warmth and love

He waltzes, gazing into the fire


There are nights where he'll sit alone in the dark

Remembering that endless dance

And the girl that held his heart


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