Unknown Title

The idea of sanity scares me.

What would I be oh what could I be with sanity?

Maybe I could be someone that everyone loves.

Maybe I could be popular or maybe I’m better off.

Isn’t everyone a little insane or is that just something I tell myself for comfort?

How could I know what you know?

And would you be scared if you knew what I know?

Would you run away farther than you already have?

It’s hard to distance yourself when you’re already a mile away.

Do you care?

Do you know what I know?

If you do know what I know why are you here?

Do you know that nothing would please me more than to kill you right here?

I don’t think you know that I want to see your last breath escape from your mouth?

Or did you already now that?

Or did you know that I’m only saying these things to distract you from reality?

Did you know I have a plan?

Do you know I’ve walked you into a trap?
Did you see that?

You’re cornered and the door must shut.

Did you know I’m about to kill you?

I doubt you knew that.



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