The Unknown Future

The future is a topic widely talked about.

People talk about what they want to do

Or what they must have in the future.

Why can’t people let the future go?

What makes the future so special?

Is it the fact of it being mysterious?

Or is the fact that we can control it.

When I talk about the future,

I talk about how it is an uncontrollable

Force that guides use to where it wants us to go.

The future has its own plans and we,

Humanity are along for the ride.

And we, humanity can survive with out

Worrying or pondering over something like the future.

I would be happy with the present because

In the present I have everything I need to live on.

As one philosopher might have said,

“To find our future, We must look at our past.”

For me I do use history to help me in the present,

So that I do not make the same mistakes as our ancestors.

“I never think of the future – it comes soon enough.”

By Albert Einstein


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