The Unknown and the Girl

Come close, for I have a story of a monster to tell you.


In the world among us lurks a shadow of black

It slithers through the woods and soars around clouds

Claws from six limbs dig into the dirt as it prowls

Without eyes, it sees more than you could ever

Archaic growls escape through monstrous teeth

Its tail reminds one of the devil’s beloved weapon

This is the Unknown, for no one can tell of it

This demonic creature is a master of the mind

It knows exactly where you think if you come near

It enters and haunts the nightmares of those it touches

You may look straight at it and not see it in front of you

It preys on your desires and creates your illusions

If it doesn’t erase you, it erases your memories of it

The Unknown’s deepest desires are answers

It refuses to accept an unresolved question


Then, the Unknown found a girl, its new obsession

It needed an answer for why it couldn’t read hers

Nothing it had affected the child, it couldn’t solve it

For the first time, it came out of its seclusion

It followed the child to understand her power anew

Exploring the world, the two often fell into evil’s clutches

The girl saw the magic all around them without fear

The longer it stayed, the more the Unknown left behind

The two both learned more with each mountain and pit

But a year had passed, and the girl turned seven

An old enemy returned, chaos began to seethe

The world collapsing, they neared the end of forever

In the fight, a mistake, the girl was cut, the Unknown howls

She said fine, but it was too late, the Unknown shrouds

It thought too dangerous, none knew if it would ever come back


In her last glimpse, the girl, crying, muttered in its tongue, “I love you.”


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Our world
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