sometimes your heart is too damaged to understand where you head is at. 

dont be ashamed of the your damaged heart, that damaged heart saved you. 

here are so many untold stories and secrects written in time and captured in my mind.

sometimes things break because its time for you change it. 

its never meant to be understood , but to understand. 

sometimes a lesson is not to meant be a lesson , but its a lesson to be learned. 

dont be afraid of what you cant control , but control whats in your reach. 

the moment you realize you are more powerful than what you give yourself. 

is it the fear , or is it memories. 

we learn to love ourself as we set the table for others. 

love is not what you ask for but what you are given. 

in everything you do choose you, cause theres only one you. 

you can never duplicate the same thing twice, the original is better. 


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