Universes From the Abstract

A singular bar
Our lives granted by a singular star

Societies' priorities deluded
Mother Earth’s recruited 
Hate and happiness it seems
Yet I feel nothing

No purpose or passion within this dream

Except the portrayal of my feelings
I'll idly exist and worship C.R.E.A.M


The false meaning of breath
The never satisfied conquest
Money masturbates to death

And my departure is next

An inevitable servitude put to rest

Escape is your power
Bloom like a finite flower

Wither after fame
Release the familiar truth within your brain
The burden identified as pain
Trigger or age                               it's all the same
Time's the only change

Existence is a sick game

What's the purpose of life?
Counterfeit controlled strife

Contained by false might

Concrete components

Rules and regulations 
Religion and respect
Metaphorically dissect
What my writing represents
Configure and connect
Humanity will never be perfect
My third eye projects
What I'm begging you to sense
Or conventionally reject


Wisdom is optimism 
Wisdom is religion
Wisdom is an acceptance of inevitability 
Through the belief of another's vision
Disagree and receive hostility
The indisputable explanation of our solar system 
As “straightforward” as light through a prism 
As relieving as the crucifixion
Our sins are washed away 
So why do we worry? 
I have a proposition 
It's all Fugazi


Why are we all insane? 
Why do we never accept change? 
Expand your conscience range
But there is no range
No Limit
You can't understand everything 
Life's learning is infinite 
But your residency isn't


Why do we stay in our familiar Lane
Comfort is the public domain
The Blue pill sustained
Uncertainty is distraction from personal gain
So we'll feign peeping the game

Entertain the Mary Jane

Abstain from arcane terrain
Kill each other over cocaine

Feed heroine to our veins
While they endorse a campaign against Hussein
Rub on their Rogaine and sip their champagne
We'll serve our Massa' with a new gold chain
So why do we complain?


Music’s most referenced recital

Your idol

You disciple

It’s entitled you to pick up a rifle

Kill your brother

Become homicidal

I hope you discover

In reality you’re suicidal

I can sense your denial

You want to be more than just the carbon cycle

Purpose is so delightful

Waiting on his pending arrival

Waiting on Lucifer's reprisal

Waiting on your meaning of survival

He’s made you loving

But he’s also made you spiteful

Now you’re subconsciously judging

Those who question what you deem vital

For the mortal the immortal is fatal

So is his word

The Torrah, Koran and the Bible


Your strength is your weakness

But flip that

We’re insignificant

That’s all there is to it

Life is a shared craft

A masterpiece painted with your act

It’s your responsibility to make it last

Become a legacy, wait scratch that

Become a legend in fact

Emotion is inexact

Paint your art from the abstract

Manifest a moral impact


No rapper can give you the answer

Neither can a pastor

No artist is the smartest

No Pope can give you hope

No priest can provide release

No rabbi can sanctify

And you know why


You can only find the answer within yourself

But you’ll have help

The knowledge on the bookshelf

Experience is wealth

Love is health

And love locks the answer within herself

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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