The Universe, Condensed

in the first moment that she breathes, she is that of the supernatural


by three, she is all that is the universe

there is space dust in her bones and galaxies in her blood

her grin is a facula and her irises are nebulae

she is a force of nature


at eight, her personality is a riptide and you had better

steady yourself for impact when her laughter

loud, joyous laughter

crashes into you,

and you will feel every sharp rock and smooth grain of sand,

whether you wanted to or not.


at twelve, there is mild despair

will I matter in two hundred years?

will people know my name?


the light dims.


at age sixteen, she separates from the Truth.

she doesn’t believe in miracles or serendipity

her body, her laughter, her joy and grief and curiosity

are all


and she will revert to the dust from whence she came

and nothing truly lasts


she grows


she is nineteen and the Truth returns,


as the sun over the trees at dawn


and slowly


she realizes


sometimes the good things aren’t extraordinary,

and sometimes the extraordinary is mundane

(because she is Mundane


she is made of star dust)


why continue?


there are dogs in this world, she thinks

and flowers


that’s pretty great

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