The Universe and You

The universe, as you her child, will trust you. The universe, your sacred mother will never lead you down a path she knows you will not make. The universe, your mother, may be harsh and cruel, but she will never kill you as punishment. She will understand and listen to your cries. You are her child, her deliberately planned, unmistaken, raw, and most of all wanted child. She will see to you as such; because in her eyes, you are perfect. You are a storm, wild and constantly surprising, running rampant as you find your place in the cold world she designed for you to become in. She will watch you bloom and hurt and cry all in the same time, she will watch you fight and survive. She, will watch you live and grow, for she is your sacred mother, who will not see you as anything other than who you are, and who she created you to be. For you are not unworthy, nor small, and what you chose to do with your life is up to you

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