Thu, 06/13/2013 - 11:18 -- Lewy9

Here I lean back into the gentle arms of galaxies,
Spirals dizzying my sight,
The soft space and freedom
Caressing my skin.
Here I find my head swimming in thoughts unspoken,
Vast and dark,
Little stars flickering in a galaxy far away,
The Emptiness and Everything slowly
Drowning me:
Those thoughts of todo y totalmente and
Antimatter and
The color of your eyes.
Here I gladly drift
As a plank of wood from a pirate ship,
Sunken in the sea,
Would much like to drift,
Bobbing slowly down this stream of time
And space,
Without a care in the Universe but
To keep those thoughts
Caged safely inside my spiraling
And never let them free,
Lest they echo back to you
In your own little planet and something
From the reverberating sound.
That wouldn’t do.
We can’t have our orbits collide through the
Intergalactic void;
We can’t have your world come crashing down,
And sideways,
And backwards.
It just isn’t right.
Your planet has a gravitational pull much
Stronger than mine
And I don’t think your astronauts could handle the
Here I float, approaching an all-consuming black hole in
Deafening Silence,
The words too loud for me to hear
Or say.


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