The United States of America, Liberator or Imperialists?

All hail the conquering Hero

But wait, is this force akin to the ancient Nero?

A self interested and maniacal creature,

Or a liberator to the oppressed and dismayed?

With a military more powerful than any in human history;

With the ability turn any foreign land into white ash.

Meanwhile there are those at home who hoard piles of cash,

The profiteers of the imperial economy


The Military Industrial Complex.


At home the poor and the wretched have remained so and many even worse off;

That money being spent on the bright weapons of hellfire,

Instead of being put into enlightenment of the youth or health of the citizenry.

Many unable to escape their serfdom

The angry people of this nation feel this nation is ready for a funeral pyre

What this nation needs the most is spending its treasury less on destruction,

Subjugation, and exploitation, of foreign lands

But more on the people who have worked hard to sustain it.










This poem is about: 
My country


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