Uniquely Human

Wed, 08/17/2016 - 23:17 -- rdiaz11

And so it was:


That with and like water

Through carved paths

Headless yet heeding

Gave way to the thirst for life.


And by miracle or fate

As it’s routinely called

We are here left to ponder

And argue what means all.


Coincidence? No, for

We are more than such!

Life cannot be that mute

Right? We are far too much.


So then scrambling for

Pencils for pages of us

We wear our own lenses

To see mountains from dust.


And how beautiful the sights

We see! Through our own

Light our world leaves night

And a mirror we are shown.


This is what it means

To be human, what it seems!

How peaceful and pure

To inhale and scream.


So with moments of water

Cradled in dark hands

We reach for words

Made of hard glass


To drink.

And then we are reminded

What it means to be human.

To think.


And so it is.


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