Uniquely Alike

From the crashing waves of mother's birth

came a pale shiny rock

resting on the sandy pillow of earth.

A miracle conceived, a marvel to see

for the beauty of the rock

yields no bounds amongst the grains of the sea

Upon the top of sand sat the rock to its throne

its luster so bright

with its conceit inadvertently shown

It started as flattery, and developed into pride

so many have fueled

its imparical burning ego inside.

But time is a novice to promise and weaver of change

the rock was no exception

and the truth unraveled its pity of estrange.

The elements seethed with  a claw of malicious intent

and to the rock's demise

a toll was taken and it started to dent.

Later it would wither and its size grew small

the rock aged into a somber pebble

never to be seen at all.

The wind gave a sigh and the pebble flung high

its granule friends joined in

riding the salty pervaded blue sky.

As it settled  the gritty soil, its ego replaced by plight

the pebble blended with the sand

and realized it was always uniquely alike.

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My community
My country
Our world
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