Unique Ode


I use to think I was my own man
I use to be hype to see my dad
I use to cry to hide as many emotions as I can
Crying only taught me one thing and that's to be sad
I realized I was the only silent dude
I use to splurge money no matter the cost
I use to be considered mean and rude
I use to fight everyday and never took a loss
To be heard was all I wanted
I didn't know my dreams were haunted

I could never stop fighting
My mind has completely crushed me
I opened my eyes and started dreaming
I tried to stop but nothing stopped me
I was only thirteen years of age
I always thought I would never find love
I love my new cousin named saige
I had to think beyond and above
I never trusted family but still love them
I never betrayed them


This poem is about: 
My family


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