The Uninvited

I wanted to watch that new movie.

They had just watched it.

I was uninvited.

It was his birthday dinner at a restaurant.

I found out the day after.

I was uninvited.

They hung out at her house

that was 3 blocks away from mine.

I was uninvited.

They went to the mall.

I found out through Instagram.

I was uninvited.

And all of a sudden, I hated it all.

The movie turned to rot.

The restaurant was immaterial.

The house became 10,000 miles away.

And the mall lost all sense of adventure.

You see, you are the younger sibling.'

And presence is precious.

Being uninvited was the implicit fact

that you weren't valued or thought of,

but ignored.

And the worse part is,

your older sibling went to all those places.

saw all those faces,

said all those words,

had all those laughs,

without even thinking about

whether or not you wanted to come.

They assumed that you didn't want to.

They didn't know that you were waiting

for that glorious invitation.

Those few words and few seconds that would be

music to your ears because they were a reminder

That you are loved.

But that invitation didn't come,

For I am the Uninvited.


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