This Uniform of Mine

Adorned on the right shoulder pocket flap of this coat 
Is my infrared subdued Old Glory insigna, as she glows; 
Above and parrellel with the top of my slanted chest pocket flaps 
Are where the nametapes of U.S. Army and Ingraham overlap. 

In this uniform of mine, 
Stands a man with a nation to defend; 
In this uniform of mine, 
Beats the heart of America's bestfriend. 

Worn on the back of this patrol cap is another nametape, 
A patrol that fits comfortably around my head's shape; 
My excess laces tucked into the top of these tan size nines, 
These medium regular trousers are bloused inside at all times. 

And with this uniform of mine, 
I shall fight until the very end, 
In the this uniform of mine 
And show no mercy to do it again. 

This poem is about: 
My country


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i respect your sacrifice for not only this country, but our liberty

i want you to be aware of what you're truly fighting for

fight for Jesus, fight for The Lord

wear his armor when battling enemies

head of salvation

chest plate of righteousness

belt of truth

feet of peace

shield of Faith

sword of The Spirit

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