Unheard Struggles

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 16:17 -- holls14


The deep brown in their eyes could make a sailor lost
the simple joy in their days is what carries them on
But I have seen the struggles they face and understand the cost
so I will continue to fight until their pain is gone.

They walk the red dirt roads with no shoes on their feet
to travel five miles for water, a morsel to eat
But never once have I seen them give up in defeat,
their fight for survival as ingrained as could be.

Looking into their faces it’s hard not to see
the pain deep beneath the smiles they show
They are crying for help and it truly pains me
so I will continue to fight until the whole world knows.

‘Cause of their beautiful innocence and unfair plight,
for the children of Africa I will continue to fight.


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