The Unheard Praise


Though from you I was not born
Very little do you scorn
Though normally well deserved
I need not be reassured
Off your unconditional love,
So that when push comes to shove
You will never leave my heart
Even when we are apart.
Though you cook and clean,
I see you as a queen,
Always able to throw hay
And still make me happy everyday.
When a fight breaks out,
With just one, slight shout,
The bickering quiets,
And you've suppressed a riot.
Though we are not always the nicest,
Mixed with our sugar is our spices
That make us kids a major pain
And every errand a family game.
You may not always get a helping hand
We will always think of you as grand,
And though you may never be told,
Your heart shines as bright as gold.


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