An Unhealthy Relationship

We have what others call, an unhealthy relationship.

You come and stay with me during the night,

But leave me early in the morning.

Looking back at me sighing before you leave,

Wishing you can stay a little while longer.

I'll see you later though.

We’ll spend the whole day apart.

But when the sun sets,

You’ll sluff back to me, like a zombie, for another long night.

As you toss and turn,

I sit here, unmoving.

And in the morning,

My sheets are left a mess again and I watch you leave me,

The same as before.


Sometimes we spend weekends together,

And sometimes there’s another one taking your time.

All the while I just sit here and wait for you.

Occasionally I am comforted by a black cat,

But it wants nothing more than to walk over me and meow at my posts.

Then it too, leaves me.

I know you wish we can spend forever together,

And I wish the same,

But that's just not the way the world works.

For now I'll sit in this empty room waiting.

Because later on in life, we will reach a point,

Where I become your death bed.

And I'll cradle you,

Until they come to take you away from me,


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