Unforgiven goodbyes

Mon, 08/09/2021 - 23:56 -- Panda83

So dark and empty,stained on my memory the life that you ended and heroin stole, seems as though nothing could fill this hole...I buried the Secrets deep the Heartbreak I keep the smile that they see is nothing more and standing face-to-face with misery deep lonely fears and painfully what tears ripped from my soul so I guess now I'll pay the toll... I've been directed and so Lost I guess I never knew the cost and just like thorns on a rose are my life ultimate Lows the smell of your hair God damn my life is so unfair I just can't seem to open my eyes thanks to this Unforgiven goodbye🖤💉🎱♠️🎭🌪

This was witten to my lifelong friend and my sons father who battled with depression addiction and left from an overdose

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My family
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