The Unforgivable Crime of a Decent Human Being


I want to know who I am

I thought I was you…that buried deep inside my soul somewhere lied an essence as pure as yours, not tainted by the neurosis

 I let you go. I did it out of fear, yes, but it happened and I grew from it

You grew, too

But, maybe it's just because I've been working all day for the past few months, maybe it's because I'm out of school, maybe, just maybe, it's because I haven't found somebody perfect, but there's a perfection to your imperfections that can't be replicated


I'm awake at 3:00 am waiting on some contact, sailing on the memories of good times had. I'm no longer responsible for your happiness and it drives me mad

Come back

No, not in my dreams, I need tangibility. Seeing you in my dreams like a ghost in the night makes me feel like a ghost in the light

Like I don't exist

Walking around flashing half-true smiles to pretty girls that kind of look like you, but don't exist with such audacity, or with such caution 

That's what happened

You lacked a sense of adventure. 7 billion people in the world and I'm scared of losing one. Life is pulling me in 12 directions, giving me all the things I've ever wanted to do, but there's a catch

I don't want to be doing these things, if I'm doing them without you


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