Unfiltered I am...?

Thu, 12/11/2014 - 16:32 -- SarahTT

Hello, I'm the girl who sits in the corner.

Remember me?

Of course not. Why should you give me a second glance?

Quiet, brainy, unassuming



This is what you see. I guarantee it.

If you were to join me in the theatre after school

(my "turf" just the same as your precious field), I would be



I am many things.

Quiet and brainy, yes, but also shockingly





Always ready with a quick gibe to add humor to any conversation

and just as ready with a kind word and shoulder to cry on.

Underneath this serene exterior, I am bursting with the

magic of Mozart and the beauty of Bach,

longing to share what I hear.

Listen to my silence,

hear what I'm not saying, and you have the potential to

unlock my most secret dreams.

But already I see your eyes clouding over in boredom.

So leave me to my corner, please.

I have no time for you, who judge me without giving me a chance.

But do yourself a favor and read a dictionary.

You may be the butt of more jokes than you realize.











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