Unfamiliar Peace with You

Sat, 12/12/2020 - 16:38 -- kb2003

I’m at peace with you, although you were wrong

But through it all, I managed to remain strong. 

I don’t know you all too well, in fact there isn’t one memory I can call on to ring a bell

All the others have no problem with you, in fact its only me and I refuse to forgive

I know that you’re “sick” but you know right from wrong

Intoxication, Addiction, Conviction did you once say I need to stop for my kids?

No, but I’m not tweaking I’m at peace

Mom, mother, birthgiver, or maybe Khalilah will do just fine. 

No matter what I say, I’ll always claim you as mine. 

It’s an unfamiliar Peace that comes over me

I look in my mirror and I smile at what I see

Its because of you that I’m here

And I’m no longer in fear

I’ve no longer let this run me, so I just have learned to let that shit be

When ever I see you, I don’t say much but I’m respectful

Love is unconditional, love can be wrong, love hurts, and love changes things

My love for you is unconditional, just like your addiction to drug

Your love for the “game” is wrong, just like my grudge I have on you. 

Love hurts, it hurts me that I look at you and I think of the bad

It hurts me when I hear my siblings laugh at everything you guys do

It hurts me that I somehow hurt you. 

Like I said I have an unfamiliar peace that follows me. 

I think about you often and I wish you well 

one day I hope that this unfamiliar peace finds you. 

Love changes things. 

And because deep down inside I love you, its changed things. 

Im no longer mad when talking about you. 

Its the unfamiliar peace thats come over me.

This poem is about: 
My family
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