unfalling for 'ya

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 20:54 -- Alanna

I can read you better then anyone else

as your gaze falls unto mine

blue and green clash as you stare away

and i smirk

electricty fizzles out as you turn around

and as your head hangs low when you realize

i am not yours anymore

i am not anybodies

i am myself

i am my own

once upon a time i fell under your spell

but then i realized you played me like a string puppet

and i cut the strings leaving behind a trail of nostalgia and heartbreak

and when i got snapped out from under the spell

i took a deep breath 

in out in out in out

and i felt myself returning back to my body

my soul was here to stay and nobody will take it as the walls are high 

and i am over the wall hidden with cobwebs in my hair


that word seemed strange on my tongue as i became acquainted to it again

when we crosses paths we clash like wolves of barred teeth and snarls

but we are better that way

and i am happy




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right in the feels bruh


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