Unexpected But Still Common Sense

Sadness can be kind,

If the one you want is by your side.

Oh yes, love can hurt,

If the one you want treats you like dirt.

Anger can be your friend,

If that love wasn't worth it in the end.

Ignorance isn't always bliss,

If you wanted her to be honest.

Money can't cover

The pain left by a past lover.

Things aren't always what the need to be,

And endings aren't always happy.

Still, love will prevail.

Hearts will assail,

But when decisions are made

All we can do is wait.

Time will tell a soul

Just how much to toll.

Bad can be better

While good can be a debtor.

Nothing is everything.

Everything is nothing.

It all comes to the opposite.

One thing we musn't do is quit.


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