Unexpected Highschool

“You cant sit with us”

“He looks like a giraffe look at his body”

My jaw dropped

Why were they saying things like this to me

But it was highschool. What did I expect


Walking down the halls, hearing people talk and giggle

Whilst I walked past and listened

And wished I had that


I had no friends at this time of transition

Like my parents told me it wasn't going to be like the movies

It was all just confusing


Why were the girls rude and mean

Why couldn't I just be one of the guys

And why did i have no friends yet

I mean im likeable

I'm not aggravating or a loser

So why


I guess i was a little odd

I was the tallest student in our freshman class

Also i may have been a nerd


But it's different now i have embraced myself

And have realized that big changes like starting highschool

Will be defining moments that I can and have learned from

It taught me to embrace myself and don't let others put you down


This poem is about: 
My community


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