The Uneven Exchange


I have yet to see His face.


And yet I cannot deny,

His unconditional love,

or His covering grace


I have yet to see His face

but he has touched my heart,

in unexplainable ways.

Crying out in worship,

completely giving myself to Him.

“Lord forgive me please, I want to live from this moment forever changed.”

Not only a witness

But a recipient of an undeniable truth that,

God, he loves me.


And I haven’t even seen his face.


How could I walk away from Him?

Honestly, no answer.

But, I do.

Repeatedly I sacrifice my relationship with Him

to go out, to fit in with a world.

A world,

I was born into

instead of representing

the place

of which my Savior came.


Bash His name

And throw dirt on his face

for what

A few drinks, some foreplay?

Nights that only leave me feeling

alone, shattered and ashamed?


Think about it.

Have you ever been able to cash in on any of the promises

that this world has made? 


Maybe, temporarily.

Most likely you haven't really realized,

that the Lord promises,



But I go on anyways

compromising myself daily,

my future.

Who he has called me to be

just because I refuse to let go

of a world, a comfortableness,

a desire, and a battle with sin.

Even though I know I should be reaching towards

my Heavenly Father

entangling myself in His truth, love, and conviction.


I give up spreading His gospel

changing hearts

and correcting my own

For a party, a wild night

A boy, music, even Netflix

Quick to minimize the effects,

the toll on my own soul.


“But God”

Powerful isn’t it?


Nails in his hands

Tears in His eyes

Blood creeping down His face

My God

He still thought of me.

“Forgive them Father.”


Attacked bruised beaten, and betrayed

He died for me.

The King of Kings

The Son of God

Died for me.

Me. You. Everyone.

All of us who were, and all of us who would be.



The same people who praise Him with our mouths

But with our actions say “Jesus, I need you to rescue me. But just not today.”


Forgetting that, to rescue us, is the whole reason He came.

To save us daily, not just on Sunday.

Ecclesiastes 9:11

The race is given to those who endure to the end

Not just those who endure to the weekend.


So 401 words into this thing

What am I trying to say?


God, the Alpha and Omega, All-Seeing, and All-Knowing

The past, present, and the future

The one true God

Loves you as you are now

Broken, damaged, and undeserving.



Literally offers you His world,

A world that is perfect, Holy, pure, 

A place of forgiveness and love.


And we have yet to see His face.


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