Undying Fantasy

Fri, 08/01/2014 - 01:09 -- HotRod


Crowds swell, bodies press

There is no escape

I receive no rest


How did I get here,

What made me come?


But then, in a moment,

A quiet word is said

A small gesture, sure.

But it fills my head.


My mind regains focus.

My blood pressure slows,

He's just one person

But he combats all my foes.


We talk of the latest victory,

The enemy's great disgrace.

And a friendship is born

In fantasy's undying embrace.


It may seem small,

This gesture of friendship,

But it is worth the world

When a soul's about to rip.


Days later,

Music's all that's calm.

And writing is the soul’s

Soft solace and tender balm


The company of the paper,

The thoughts of my mind,

They find a home together,

It takes but some time.


And then a world is born

In the fabric of the night.

The characters assemble

In imagination’s light.


In the moments where

Reality breaks


Rises all the stakes.


And then the world,

That is not real,

Becomes better

Than my own deal.


So I fall asleep,

And smile at the dreams,

With weeping willows

And clearest streams.


And then the world, at once, is well

As another day has gone.

Tomorrow, another story we’ll tell.


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