Understanding TRUE Beauty


There is a reason 

Why I Don't Go

CooCoo For Cocoa Puffs

Over Outer Beauty.

Im Only 22 Years Young,

But If I Don't Know Anything Else,

I Know People Who Are Beautiful On The Outside

Aren't Always Beautiful On The Inside.

And People Who Are Deemed By Society To Be


Are Simply Misunderstood.


Understand This...


Outer Beauty Can Only Get You So Far

Cause Outer Beauty Can Only Last So Long.

All The Surgery, Diets, & Pills In The World

Can't Stop What Is Inevitable.

When Your Good Looks Fade

What Will Remain Is Your Memories

And Who You Are As A Person.


You Define Your Beauty

Accept Yourself.

Dont Wait For Others To Accept You.

Don't Change To Fit In. It's Pointless.

You Give People The Stars

They'll Still Ask For The Moon.





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