Understanding Love

I have yet to fully understand whether or not I feel any sexual attraction at all. Maybe it could change one day, maybe my mom is right - I'll change my mind when I am older- when I am older and wiser and more sure of the 'normal' way of life that is. Maybe I'll feel that attraction one day, maybe I'll want to make love with someone who... really gets me. But until then, I am content. Content with, the yearning for conversation, the craving for connection - connection of the familial, platonic, and even pure sense. I crave... love, and yet deep down I cannot help but feel, but worry, that maybe I was destined to not be loved that way. Maybe my love is enough to keep me going, maybe my admiration for humanity will find itself content with the simple idea of just being there for others. Whenever they need me, I am here, and when they do not, I am here, till the end of my days and even longer perhaps.  I will never truly know anything, and that both makes my heart skip a beat and beat faster at the same time. My heart... it is a strange one for sure, but I wouldn't trade this heart for another, for it is overflowing with love and admiration and hope, even if hope is pointless it is still there in this heart of mine.

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