Understand my understanding

Tue, 03/15/2016 - 12:51 -- Gus_Gus

Constructed of understanding.

Emotions and ideas from head to toe,

from left to right I see and know more and more.

Seeing eye to eye,

Knowing one like one knows himself.


Bringing life in all.


A goal of unity that is

never perfect, but hope is there.

Sympathetic, not sympathy.


Where’s blissful harmony,

at back of the line

behind the diminishing

world peace.

All hatred and warfare,

trick and lie their way to the front.

It’s unfair.


Unfair for all,

bearing and victimized

this uncompromisable world.


No reasoning, no agreement,

...no hope.

All lost?

But understanding


it’s existence lives,

for everyday that passes,

we have one common.

Stabilizing imperfect life.

I truly believe we will all understand.


To know one’s pain,

Is to know the world,

of self and other.

There will come a day,

we all will know each other’s pain.


For the meanwhile,

I’ll live with my purposeful understanding.   


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Our world
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