They say that i'll be okay,

they-each and everyone say what they want to hear,

they'll try to find anything they talk about how much I weigh,

I pray quietly but nobody hears me God,where is your angels dear,

then they'll spread untrue rumors saying I got beat up or that i'm gay.


I try to ignore the lies and the pain inside of me,

I know that I am tired of this,

My world is full of darkness and pain not happiness and sunshine not that I can see,

Maybe I'll be better off if i'm free.


Is there anyone who care,

well I want you all to know that I deeply understand,

I don't like to tell my story and share,

but it feels like i'm drowning in quicksand.


Just please try to understand,

i got me me,myself, and I till' the day I day I die,

I live ,I breath,I won't give up because I have to just try,

When you ask me how I am i'll just lie because I won't tell you that I feel like I might cry.



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