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By: Joanna Like


The way to cope is to write 

                                                                to live in a world without light

I was pulled from the one I loved 

My mother 


For six months of every year I live underground 

Without light without sound 


I sometimes hear my mother cry 

“Persephone Persephone” is her cry 


I live with a man who’s heart is cold as ice 

Despite his world being hot as hell


                                                     He is an angry man when I leave

Cares only of himself and his “Utopia” of souls


He lives to be greater, more powerful, more successful than his brother

The God of all Gods 


The man 

The man I can not name is the brother of Zeus 

My father 


I am the wife of my uncle 

Forced to live in a dark and fiery world 

Six out of the twelve months of every year


without light and without sound


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