The Undergraduate

I realized I was glassy-eyed

Claiming my life was a surprise

To these times when they capitalize

Off the lies and the truth-tellers 

Were sacrificed. 

When I self-actualized

I was no longer pacified

By people's opinions 

And I strived

To be someone who was winning.

I can picture myself grinning

And pinning my Master's on the wall.

If disasters ever call

I'll answer that phone unbreakable

My morale is strong and mistakeable

For sterling silver rings

Or buckminsterfullerenes.

I spent my whole life keeping my mouth shut

Now they hate me because I let my mouth strut

Flaunting the truth and showing proof

That you don't have to conform to be accepted.

And when you die, leaving the world and your lessons

To start a firestorm of intelligence.


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