Underdogs and Outcast

The underdogs , the least likely to succeed that we always root for in the movies ,  while we hate , and spit out venomous speech to the ones right in front of our eyes , the ones who don't live on a tv screen but are real,

We are the fangirls ,the girls and boys sitting in the corner everyone pretends they don't see, the geeks,the freaks , some of us embrace it like a child hugs a teddy bear, while others just hate it either way,the fortunate ones realized inclusion is not worth the suicide of our souls , that if fitting in means cutting off our less desirable pieces of ourselves because society says that's what we have to do to fit in their stupid useless puzzle , that loves no one , benefits no one ,and hurts everyone then we want none of it , THAT the only difference between the outcasts and the populars is that we live outside of the box and mold and everyone knows it,it's clear to see, “popular people” live outside with us too, it's just harder to notice  so in other words everyone is a outcast!  Oh look at that this poem has a freaking plot twist! That’s right everyone! That’s why we always root for the underdog,because we connect with them , Maybe the reason we put each other down for not being freaking robots with no feelings, individuality ,or free will is because that hate has been  preached to us since the day we could talk and some of us before that

So to all you geeks,freaks,sluts,wallflowers,preps , jocks,artist,teacher pets and kiss ups, snobs, spoiled brats ,ghettos,emos,goths, scenes and everyone in between lets come together and begin the first generation to become the ones who owns these labels and  realize we are one! This world has always been good at making us believe there is an us vs them that way we’re easier to defeat because this Earth is old enough to realize we are more powerful together ,please open your eyes before   it is too late and another child gets hurt because of our insolence and ignorance furthering us deeper into disgrace,I don't want to lose another underdog

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