Underage Girl

What does Molly see in this worthless fellow?
Nick uses bleaching cream on his ugly face.
He neither combs nor cuts his shaggy hair.
And he wears earrings like a woman.
The waist of his trousers is always below his posterior.
His eyes become red when he smokes ganja.
Nick evidently doesn’t respect Molly.
He tries to seduce other girls who live on the block.
And Molly knows about it, but she continues to see him.

Molly becomes so excited when Nick calls at her gate.
And she grins at him with a grin like Joker’s.
But she’s always sulky when it’s time to study.
That layabout seldom wears shirt.
He hangs out on the avenue with a group of thugs,
Yet Molly doesn’t mind his behaviour at all.
Has infatuation blinded her mind?
How could she have real feelings for him?

Molly goes to Nick’s house when he’s alone.
They watch pornographic movies together.
She follows his obscene suggestions.
And she likes to fornicate with him.
She obviously enjoys his company very much.
He’s taking advantage of her because of her stupidity.
Molly isn’t a virtuous and ambitious girl.
And her older sister doesn’t set a good example for her.

Jim has been observing the unfortunate situation.
And he hopes she’ll soon come to her senses.
Why is he showing concern for her?
Perhaps he’s jealous of her lover.
Even though Molly isn’t related to Jim,
She doesn’t expect him to have passion for her.
Jim is like a father to this teenage girl.
He has known her since she was a young child.
And he treats her as his own daughter.
Now she’s sixteen and it seems that she grew up overnight.

Jim isn’t ready to tell her that he’s in love with her.
According to the law she’s an underage girl,
But Nick doesn’t give a damn about principles and laws.
If it’s OK for Molly to love the likes of Nick,
Why is it regarded as wrong for Jim to desire her?
Jim doesn’t seduce underage schoolgirls.
He intends to woo her when she turns eighteen.
And he’s worried about her because she may get pregnant.

Molly doesn’t know who her biological father is.
And she has a mother who acts irresponsibly.
Her mom isn’t a strict and vigilant parent.
She allows Molly to do whatever she wants.
Moreover, she trusts her little darling too much.
She thinks her daughter is a virgin,
But she’s absolutely wrong about this.
Her adolescent child is sexually active like any adult.

Jim told Molly that her affair with Nick wasn’t going to work,
But she stubbornly refused to listen to him.
She’ll certainly get hurt when he ditches her.
Molly likes to sleep with the illiterate loafer,
But she doesn’t want a responsible man.
What will Molly do when Jim tells her that he loves her?
She won’t be an underage girl at that time.
Even though most people regard it as unethical,
She’d be better off if Jim were her lover.


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